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I’m going to let you in on a secret.

My biggest insecurity is my hair.

I have very thin hair on top which means you can sometimes see my scalp and this is something I hate.¬†Throughout my teenage years I have tried soo many different products to help try and ‘fix’ it.¬†I have taken pills, used shampoos and even considered getting implants.

Alas nothing has worked until my mum discovered Viviscal!

This company has been researching hair loss for 25 years and have managed to create the most researched hair grown food supplements which are supposed by 7 different clinical trials. They offer long term solutions with a great variety of way to look after your hair and I can tell you, I can tell the difference!

They have so many products available but so far I have only used the Viviscal hair fibres which give you the illusion of hair volume and thickness in seconds.

before and after Viviscal

As you can see, I have a very visible scalp but with the Viviscal hair fibres, it is instantly covered up! This product has left me feeling so much more confident and happy about my hair. You can put as much or as little as you need on your hair so it really lets you make the decision of what you need.

Simply shake the fibres on to your scalp and you will be covered in seconds! All you have to do to remove them is simply wash the fibres out in the shower, it really is that simple.

I am hoping to try more of the Viviscal range so keep an eye out for more reviews of these amazing products!

Alice x

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