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Simple Candle Co. – Christmas Wax Melts


Christmas is slowly creeping its way into our houses and what better way to get into the spirit than scented candles.

The Simple Candle Co. has a wide range of different Christmas scents ranging from Spiced Orange to Candy Cane. You can pick from 17 different scents all with a seasonal scent.

I decided that in order to test out these candles, it was best to pick six and order them as wax melts just to see what I was getting.

Little note: Delivery was super speedy, I ordered them on Thursday evening and they arrived Saturday morning.

My candle selection included…

Apple and Cinnamon

Apple and Cinnamon Candle

Spiced Orange

Spiced Orange Candle

Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding candle

Frankincense and Myrrh

Frankincense and Myrrh

Strudel and Spice

Strudle and Spice candle

Cranberry, Orange and Cinnamon

Cranberry, Orange and Cinnamon

Winter Warmer (added mini samples)

Winter Warmer Candle

Now I know that they all seem rather similar in scent but these are the kinds of smells I associate with Christmas. Each one of these candles fills the room with fragrances whilst burning and this continues long after.

On their website, they also sell pretty oil burners which makes it even more tempting to test out the wax melts.

What I like about these candles is that they don’t have an overpowering sickly smell to them like others do. They also don’t work out to be too expensive: each melt was £2.o0 and PP came to £1.95.


The Simple Candle Co. also offers a monthly subscription box so watch out for a review on the blog.

Alice x

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