My Little Box Paris | January Edition


It’s time for my favourite Little post of the month…

My Little Box took the new year to try something a little different. Usually this little gem comes in a very cute box (as seen in my December and November editions) but to start 2017, the French elves over at My Little Box decided to put the products into a neat (and reusable) little bag. I’ve decided to use mine to carry my underwear and socks when I go travelling (not that you really needed to know that).


Now for the products!

The first little item in my little box was this toothpaste from Merci Handy. It is 98% natural and is made in France (which I love). It comes in three flavours; dark liquorice, sweet blackcurrant and green-tea mint so there is something for the adventurous and the not so risky. Luckily I got mint.
RRP: €4 for 50ml

Next on the list is this “Boost Yourself” revitalising body cream from My Little Beauty.
Not only does this product smell amazing but it is 98.5% natural so there is really nothing bad to say.
It also comes out in a light baby pink colour which has only added to my already prominent obsession.





Now the next gift is this Timeless Planner from My Little Box. Instead of providing us all with a mini magazine, this is what was inside. The agenda is filled with questions to help you get to know yourself better in 2017. It also came with a set of five notecards, which each features a powerful way to chance your life for the better this year.I thought this was a nice touch and it is similar to the Happiness Planner, just more compact. I haven’t started writing in it yet as I’ve been very unorganised.. but soon I will…

Carrying on with the products from My Little Beauty, I got the “Velvet Hands” sweet hand cream.
Now I am prone to dry hands and am also a sucker for a nice hand cream, so this was perfect for me.
It has a very marshmallowy texture but it applies easily and does not leave your hands feeling greasy.
AND it is the perfect size to carry around in your handbag and use throughout the day.


Hair products are among my favourites and this hair mask sample by Garnier is just what you need to treat your hair after the busy festive period. In the scent “Honey Treasures” this nourishing hair mask helps dry and damaged hair come back to life. It leaves your hair feeling stronger and healthier from root to tip.
RRP: £4.49 for 300ml

And finally…

My Little Box picked this patterned snood as its staple fashion piece for this month.
Easily worn and timeless in style, it isn’t hard to find an outfit to match this scarf.
The perfect wardrobe staple for the Spring season, this snood will take its place in mine.

Alice x


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