Little Box Paris | November Edition


This month’s little box was like something out of a dream.

I never thought I would find a box that was made so perfectly for me,
but the My Little Box Paris is exactly that.

The packaging for this box was so beautiful, I have now made it a jewellery box; simply because I can’t bring myself to throw to away. Not only is this my favourite Beauty box so far that I have tried because of the products you get but it is also French so what’s not to love?

And when you think you’re paying £14.95 a month, it is nice to get high-end and unknown products too.

My first item was this little jewellery dish in the shape of a half moon. I already have a ring stand
(in the shape of the Eiffel Tower) but this little dish is the perfect size for my bracelets. The My Little Box company provide you with their own creations and that is one of my favourite things about them.


Next was a sleep mask. My biggest problem when I sleep is that the slightest bit of sunlight wakes me up, and because of this I have been using a sleep mask for the last year and a half. But the one I had looked nowhere near as nice as this one and it was beginning to lose its power.


Then I came across this little pouch which contained more surprises.img_1188

The first of these was My Little Beauty “magic potion” make up remover. This product is 99.5% natural and it is so easy to use. All you have to do is place a couple of specs of it all over your face and wash it away with water. The gel turns to a milk and cleans your face of make-up ever so quickly.
Unfortunately it is not available to buy yet on their website but I do hope it will be soon.


Following on from the cleansing product that has changed my daily routine is the Garnier Pure Active 3-in-1 facial cleanser. This little gem can be used as a wash, scrub or a mask making it the perfect multitasking essential for any lifestyle. RRP: £5.10


Next in the box was this small bottle of Yves Rocher Accord Chic. Now if the size of the bottle wasn’t enough to melt hearts, the smell is simply Devine. With this brand being well known in France, it was lovely to be able to get some across the sea and smell just as French as I would like.

img_1191 img_1192

Now when I have received other beauty boxes, the booklet that came with it always outlined the products and that seemed to be it. With My Little Box Paris however, it is a different story. You essentially get a mini magazine. Not only do you get details about each of the little gifts as well as tips for use, but you also get other sections too. From food to fashion, it has different information across all topics but still keeps within the theme of the box.

little box

Now November is over, I am looking forward to see what is to come in December’s box.
Watch this space.

Alice x

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