LFWM – my first time


They say dreams come true in fairytales, but I never expected to be at LFWM..

At the weekend, I was given the opportunity to go to LFWM and report on it for The Purpose Of It.

I covered Saturday and Sunday and was able to speak to many different designers and learn a lot about the trends that are going to be seen around the world for men next season.

The thing I found to be the most amazing whilst I was covering LFWM was that you can literally be yourself in fashion and no one bats an eyelid. There was every single style and people dressed in all sorts of ways and it was something I admired. It was like they were all saying there is no point in worrying about other people, just be confident and you’ll pull it off, and I loved that sense of empowerment.

Here are some pictures I took which you can see on The Purpose Of It Instagram page.

To top off the most exciting weekend of my life (so far), designer Mazinyi; who has designed pieces for Nicki Minaj, offered to custom make me a jacket, now that’s exciting.

Alice x


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