Home Truths for 2018


It’s 2018 and since this blog is about growing as well as all things petite, I thought I should share some home truths with you all…

  1. I don’t have it all figured out. If im honest, I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing with my life but I think I’m finally starting to be okay with that. To all the girls who know what they want in life I applaud you because I can’t even decide what I’m going to have for lunch most days.
  2. No cheat days is not for me. I’ve tried not eating certain foods or completely cutting out chocolate but I just can’t do it. Here’s the thing… my body goes into shock and complete meltdown when it finds out it’s not getting treats. I know it’s all a mental state of mind but to me, life is too short to not have a chocolate bar or a couple of glasses of prosecco with the girls.
  3. I’m actually pretty boring. When I get home from work I do a few things. I make a cup of tea, put my pj’s on, take my make up off and sit in front of any Netflix show and colour in. Yep that’s it. Nothing exciting just very mundane, but you know what I like it and this year I’m following a trend – optimism. (Not something I made up, Vogue featured it in January’s edition).home truths - love
  4. I’m in love with love. Confused? You really shouldn’t be. I’m a cancer so automatically I’m emotional and romantic but the concept of love and how it is different for each and every one of us is something that makes me happy. I love hearing what other people find romantic and seeing how love can take different forms of life and still be powerful.
  5. I’m little, I have been the same height since I was about 12 but my body has not stayed the same. It’s the main reason I struggle to dress the way I wish I could (think Jorja Smith and Mabel meets Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn). The only thing I know for sure is that bodysuits, tight jeans and trainers are my best friends, but I think it’s about time I branched out a little.

With that being said, 2018 is a new year and I’m going to try and better myself inside and out. Firstly, much like Jim Carey in “Yes Man“, I am starting to do more so if I can afford it and like the idea, I’ll do it. Hence why I am heading to Dublin in two days.

Next I’m attempting to eat better and not binge. So far, it hasn’t been going that well… Here’s another home truth…Yesterday I had eight biscuits, a snickers bar and two of those little flake yoghurt things (lush)… I know it’s not good for my health or my waistline so I’m working on that.

Finally, I’m going to try and blog more and do more video based content. Running my blog has always been something I have loved doing and I have let it slip over the last 3 years, for no other reason apart from lack of inspiration for content. So keep your eyes peeled for new things on a more regular basis, but be patient, I’m (kind of) new to this.

If you’re new to 5”1’ and Growing, welcome to my world, you’re more than welcome to stay.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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