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Gary Edward Gedall‘s book “The Zen Approach to Modern Living” is all about learning to have a more “harmonious way of dealing with…your daily life.” Gary gives us a taster of what it is like to be confronted with different conflicts with regards to your relationships with you friends, family and even your enemies. With the help of anecdotal stories, he guides you through the best ways of dealing with different people and how to react in situations.

Gary's book

The thing I enjoyed most about this book is that it is so easy to read and makes you think about how you act and what you should do. I have even recommended it to my mother for her to read because I felt like there were parts of it that would be useful for her.

When you reach the end of the book, Gary offers you the chance to read a bonus chapter entitled “My deepest, darkest secret” which I would advice you all to read. When I read this chapter I was warmed by the fact that, despite not knowing who was reading it, Gary felt compelled to express himself.

Gary, I thank you for sharing you secret and believe it was a very brave thing for you to do.

One thing I would like to ask Gary is this:
“the repetition of some of the words in this and the following chapter is not at all accidental”
But why? I thought at the end of the book you would explain your reasons for doing this and it is still something that troubles my mind.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend you all purchase one too!

Alice x

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The island of serenity
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