YOU beauty box | January Edition


Many will know YOU magazine but few will know about the YOU beauty box. Now before I get started there is something I need to say about the YOU beauty box.. Firstly, you can pick from three different subscription plans with the first priced at £6.95 for two products and extra treats. Secondly, you get to pick the products you …

My Little Box Paris | January Edition


It’s time for my favourite Little post of the month… My Little Box took the new year to try something a little different. Usually this little gem comes in a very cute box (as seen in my December and November editions) but to start 2017, the French elves over at My Little Box decided to put the products into a …

LFWM – my first time


They say dreams come true in fairytales, but I never expected to be at LFWM.. At the weekend, I was given the opportunity to go to LFWM and report on it for The Purpose Of It. I covered Saturday and Sunday and was able to speak to many different designers and learn a lot about the trends that are going to …

Pink Parcel | December Edition


It has come to that time of the month again where my Pink Parcel box gets delivered. As usual, the Pink Parcel Box brings gives you the essentials that you need to for your period. But the box labelled “For You” is what we all want to know about. The first treat inside my box was the Lola’s Apothecary tea in …

M&S Advent Calendar


It’s the end of Christmas, and what better way to celebrate than by taking a look back at the products in my M&S beauty advent calendar.

I also got the Emma Hardy Moringa Cleansing Balm but my mum seems to have claimed this one hostage, hence why there is no photo.

A beauty advent calendar was a whole new experience but I must say I enjoyed opening up each little present and getting a gift every morning. I even think I found it more exciting than my chocolate one.

Hope you enjoyed the festive period and here’s to 2017.

Alice x

My Little Box Paris | December Edition


It’s time for the December edition of My Little Box This month saw a design that made my lack of Christmas spirit disappear and the addition of a candy cane made it that little bit sweeter (no pun intended). As usual the box came with a magazine explaining all the products and additional articles festively related. Now for the fun …